Animation List

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Below is a list of productions that our team has collectively or individually had the pleasure of participating on. Our involvement has been in some or (often) all of the following roles: Dialogue Recording / Editing, ADR, Audio Post Supervision, Sound Design and Editorial, Foley Recording, Production Sound Clean-up and Restoration, Music Editorial, Mixing (5.1 and Stereo).

Wild Kratts Season 1+2  * Rescue Heroes  * Girl Stuff Boys Stuff  *  Robo Roach * King  * Time Blazers  *  Pelswick  * Pound Puppies  * Max And Ruby  * Kung Fu Dino Posse  * Toot And Puddle  * Turbo Dogs  * Erky Perky  * Yin Yang Yo  * Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks  * Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs  * Veggie Tales  * MTV Movie Awards  * Cyberchase  * Monster By Mistake  * 3-2-1 Penguins  * Braceface  * George And Martha  * Little Bear  * Wilbur  * It’s A Big Big World

Wild Kratts

We had a lot of fun working as the sound design crew on both season 1 and 2 of  Wild Kratts We handled all aspects of the sound design from creation to premix. It was particularly challenging to meet the ” scientifically correct ” sounds of all the creatures in the series. It is both an entertaining and educational series , and man did we learn alot about creatures.


Timeblazers is a Discovery Kids Canada program. In Canada, it is also shown on YTV. It features Sam and Jen, who illustrate the origin of present day customs and technologies as well as discuss notable people through some method of time travel. Sam and Jen generally do this after a preteen asks a question regarding the origins of something. They travel into the past to explain the happenings and wonders of the old times.


Pelswick is an animated television series produced by Nelvana for CBC Television in Canada and the Nickelodeon cable channel in the United States.[3] The series is about a teenage boy who uses a wheelchair, emphasized how he lived a normal life and was based on the books created by John Callahan.[4][5] It aired during Nick on CBS on September 14, 2002, then ended in November the same year.

Tati’s Hotel

A young girl takes charge of her own life by running a magical hotel. Guests from all over the world and all walks of life come through the revolving doors of the lobby and bring with them challenges that confront our hero and her friends. By working together and being open to change, they all gain valuable experience about the world around them.