Talas – 1985 – Engineer / Mix / Master

Liam Pek- From The Forest – Mix / Master

Styx – Crash Of The Crown -Engineer

Kim Mitchell – The Big Fantasize – Engineer

Emm Gryner – Just For You – Engineer

Mark Reid – George – Producer/ Engineer / Mix /Mastering/ Player

Fraoich – Winged Horses – Producer/ Engineer / Mix /Mastering/ Player

John McMillan -Papillon – Engineer/Mix

Emm Gryner- 21st Century Ballands– Engineer

Styx – Live@Orleans Arena – Engineer

Foreigner, Don Feldman, Styx – Sound Of Summer Soundtrack- Hotel California, I Want To Know What Love Is, Blue Collar Man  – Engineer

Gowan – Dr.Starlight and the Watchmaker-Producer/Engineer/Mixer

The Tragically Hip -Live in Bobcaygeon  –  Mixer

Gowan – Great Dirty World-25th anniversary – Producer/Engineer/Mixer

Anjani Thomas- (Jerry Morotta)- Engineer

Brown Brigade ( Dave Baksh SUM 41) Producer/Engineer Aquarius Records

Kim Mitchell- Aint Life Amazing- Engineer

STYX- Regeneration Vol 1- engineer

STYX- Regeneration Vol 2- engineer

STYX- Double Live DVD-Pieces of Eight, Grand Illusion- engineer

High holy Days-Produce, Engineer, Mix,RCD Records

Greg Rodman Trio – Engineer, Mix

Nash The Slash –  Mix

S.F.H.- Engineer, Mix

Alanis Morrisette – Vancouver sessions – Engineer Mixes

St Joeʼs Mission- Writer, Producer , Arranger, Engineer , Mixer, Player

The Goodluck Assembly- Producer Arranger Engineer Mixer

Iron Maiden -Live In Bangalor- 5.1 Mix for the Film Global Metal

Mastodon -Live In Dubai- Mix for Global Metal soundtrack Desert Rock/ Universal

Paul Zubot – Produce ,Rercord -Engineer / Mix

River 7- Engineer

Blurred Vision-Organized InsanityEngineer

Amanda Bentley – Producer ,engineer ,mix, Player

Memory Bank -Spare them the Weeds Album – Producer and Engineer

Memory Bank -Winter Kept Us Warm Album – Producer and Engineer

Famous For Adam- Adam Bomb – Album- Producer/Engineer

Hypnotic Bidets – Porcelain Antichrist-Album- Producer/Engineer

Hypnotic Bidets – Hypnotic Bidets-Album- Producer/Engineer

Indiblast 2002,2001,2000+1999 – Mastering Engineer Compilation Record Bhurr Records