Final 24

Final 24 is a Canadian documentary series which airs on the Discovery Channel and Global Television Network. The series explores the last 24 hours of the life of a person, usually a celebrity. The series is narrated by Canadian voice artist Dave McRae and Danny Wallace in the UK.

Creepy Canada

Creepy (AKA Creepy Canada) ran three seasons on the Outdoor Life Network in Canada, as well airing internationally.

Created, and primarily directed by William Burke the series was one of the earlier examples of the “Paranormal Genre” combining reenactments, interviews and investigations of allegedly haunted locales across Canada and, in it’s third season, the United States.

The show was based on a spec pilot directed by William Burke, and shot with virtually no budget, and a lot of favors in the grueling heat of the Mohave Desert.  The pilot caught the attention of CTV, and the series transformed into Creepy Canada, re-titled simply Creepy for international markets.

Canada’s size, and the remoteness of many locations made this production a very challenging experience.  Over the course of the series over four hundred actors, appeared in the show’s reenactments, usually cast on location through professional or amateur theatrical companies.  The grisly aspects of most ghost stories created some very unique onscreen statistics for the series; fifteen child murders, eleven decapitations, nine people drown, eight hangings, seven murdered prostitutes, six ghostly serial killers; always something for the entire family to enjoy. These were all very challenging scenes to present on a limited schedule and budget. There was also no budget for a separate interview crew to proceed the reenactments, so every shoot was “anything can happen day” with the actual stories unfolding on the day of.

In answer to some peoples questions – yes, the show was deliberately a bit campy and over the top.  It’s only a shame it wasn’t in 3D, just to add to the camp factor.  Who knows, maybe it will rise again.


Timeblazers is a Discovery Kids Canada program. In Canada, it is also shown on YTV. It features Sam and Jen, who illustrate the origin of present day customs and technologies as well as discuss notable people through some method of time travel. Sam and Jen generally do this after a preteen asks a question regarding the origins of something. They travel into the past to explain the happenings and wonders of the old times.


With her bubbly personality and zest for life, Connie Diletti is the quintessential optimist. Happy, healthy, 32, Connie really only has one problem, but it’s a big one: she’s afraid to die.

Connie was leading quite a death-less life until recently, when a government health insurance representative asked her what she planned doing with her body after she died. The wheels in Connie’s curious mind began to turn, and soon everything had a shade of death to it. With her 33rd birthday quickly approaching, Connie realizes that her fear of death is compromising her ability to enjoy life.

CORPUS chronicles Connie’s journey across North America as she visits many of the fascinating people, places and facilities involved in non-traditional afterlife services. Highlighted options include plastination, cryonics, mummification, glassblowing, diamonds, space travel, fine art photography and using your remains to grow coral reefs.

Like any modern girl, she is a conscientious consumer. Connie is also on a voyage of self-discovery, one that ultimately sees her overcome her fear of death and uncover its origins. In the end, she’s our personable tour guide in an irreverent, entertaining road movie that somehow manages to affirm life itself.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour : Episode Falling Star:Columbia

Events that occurred during the hour before the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003, when the craft disintegrated on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere over Texas.